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Welcome to our little artisan coffee roastery. A little paradise for the home barista.  A place on our site where we make our reason for being available to you. Fresh Artisan coffee of course.

We produce two broad categories of coffee and ship extensively to Toronto, Montreal as well as many other place across Canada  and the USA.

Unleash your home barista

Get the most out of your espresso machine. You took the time to select a great espresso machine, put great coffee in it! Francesco’s Espresso Il Cremoso was awarded Bronze for Milk based espresso at the 2015 Compak Golden Bean Competition. Give it a try and tweak your lattes!


What makes our product really spectacular is it’s gentle roast profile and freshness. Freshly roasted coffee is always sweet and fragrant and should never taste bitter.

Fair Trade Organic Coffees

Conventional Coffees


Nerds Only Please…

For the nerdy ones among us, we make a small collection of 3D printable coffee gear available for free download.


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